Self taught developers should avoid these traps

Self taught developers should avoid these traps

1. Tutorial hell trap

I think this was very obvious but still wanted to add this as well in this list.

When you will be learning to code there will be a phase of your learning journey when you will get stuck in this for atleast once.

Tutorial hell is basically the feeling you get that you will not be able to make a project or code unless you follow a tutorial.

The real question is "How to get out of tutorial hell?"

Answer is very simple:

  1. Learn the fundamental basics

  2. Start building some basic project very very basic from beginning (could be anything)

  3. Got stuck? Watch the tutorial if help needed or google it, you also have AI tools to help you in 2024

  4. Find the solution and improve your learnings

  5. Do not be scared of making mistakes

The only way is to follow these steps and keep building.

By building projects with minimum required skills you will learn the actual mindset of how developers and engineers build and solve problems by finding solutions themselves. After all they are problem solvers.

You will feel confident too :)

2. CSS Trap

I wasted my 3-4 months just in CSS, yep, I made some projects using pure html and css like twitter clone, tech crunch clone, etc.

Then I learnt about `sass and wasted more days to learn it and build more projects.

Then I learnt bootstrap and made 2 more basic projects using it.


While learning CSS and making projects you will feel like a lot of progress but you should immediately shift to learning Javascript after 1 or 2 projects otherwise you will not do it for a long time and will probably procrastinate like I did.

I am not saying do not make projects, I am saying once you have learnt css foundations like flexbox, and other stuff you will be good to go ahead for javascript unless you want to be a master in css then its a totally different scenario.

You have to ask yourself, do you want to be a frontend/fullstack developer or just a CSS Master?

3. Comfort trap

When you know you have to learn javascript or react or nextjs or any other technology but you procrastinate it because you are too comfortable in your current technology.

This might sound controversial but think again, you are just stopping your true growth potential.

For example: I used to say Backend is scary and hard, I will probably go for frontend but once I learned about nodejs and express for backend I realised it was just my procrastination not letting me explore backend. I enjoyed learning backend.

And you might enjoy it too once you reach that skill however many beginners won't even reach that point because they will procrastinate it by being too comfortable in their small bubble or will just give up.

Do not be afraid of anything, its just your mind trying to stay in its comfort bubble, a trap of mind.


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