My Tech Journey So Far (25% of 2023)

My Tech Journey So Far (25% of 2023)


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Yesterday I completed my 1000 Followers on Twitter. ๐ŸŽ‰

This is a big accomplishment for me because when I started this journey of tech in January I was having 15 only, however, I was never interested in numbers. I was interested in making connections with like-minded folks and friends which I actually made in these 4 Months.

I found so many amazing folks I can't list everyone but here are some of them Priyankar, Chandra Prakash, Amaan, Akshay, Arindam, Shreya, Pooja, Prakhar, Harshdeep, Madhu, Himanshu, Krupali, Rupali, Apoorv, Devarshi, Krish (emote in tech), and many more. As I said I can't list all of them here but these and many more made me realize how learning, and sharing in public can change someone's life completely.

I even found many legends such as Eddie, Piyush, Guru, Pradumna, Loftwah, Francesco, and more.

How it all started (Ending of 2022)

I live in a Tier-3 city "Bareilly" (Uttar Pradesh). It is famous for "Jhumka" as most people would remember the song "Jhumka Gira Re Bareli Ke Bazaar me".

I completed my BCA from a Tier-3 college and University. Trust me when I say this they taught me nothing just assignments and shit. I learned everything on my own.

I graduated in December 2022. Yep, my exams were late due to MJPRU university issues.

After doing a lot of research for a good college to do my Masters, I found 4 Colleges worth taking admission in.

  • GL Bajaj

  • KIET


  • ABES

I took my admission to GL Bajaj College (More affordable) situated in Greater Noida in July 2022 to get my Masters's Degree. In October I had to get my admission canceled because my exams were late and the result was also super late.

So technically I was a student in GL Bajaj for 2 months (lol)

My result came out in December 2022. However because the result was late, no college took me and my friends. Now I had 2 options:

  1. Taking admission to a college in my city where there is 0% chance of me getting into a good company. (They won't even teach anything I was sure)

  2. Drop for 1 year and take admission next year in GL Bajaj or some other good college in Ghaziabad/Noida. (+80% attendance issue)

I took the second option and Decided I will skill up myself in this drop year.

Things do get serious sometimes

In December 2022, I and my whole family got sick and got Covid-19 symptoms.

It took us over a month to get better however my grandmother was still sick.

I already knew about Tech Twitter and the power of communities as told by Kunal and wanted to get started on this journey, however, I was not able to focus on my studies because of taking care of my grandmother and helping my mother at home.

So I decided I will start later when this situation is better.

Slowly with time, the situation got better and I started focusing on my Tech journey.

January 2023

  • Was documenting everything on my notion page so that I stay accountable.

  • I started using Twitter and found out about LinkFree.

  • I contributed to my first real-world open-source project "LinkFree" thanks to Eddie Jaoude's Eddiehub.

  • I joined Eddiehub Community on Discord and made many cool new friends including Krish, Loftwah, Pradumna and more.

  • I was also writing blogs on my Hashnode page.

  • I contributed to more Open Source projects such as LinksHub.

  • Contributed to Vanilla OS's Documentation to fix Typos.

  • Joined WeMakeDevs (Kunal Kushwaha's) Discord community.

  • Started saving all my small achievements into a Drive folder so that I can look back.

February 2023

  • Applied to Scrimba scholarship.

  • Started learning about Cloud computing for fun.

  • Completed Cloud Foundations and Cloud Advanced from Great Learning.

  • Got serious about tech and global communities and realized that global communities are very supportive.

  • Joined various discord communities such as CoCode, GrowIn Community, 4C Community, and Virtual Tech School.

March 2023

  • Won Hashnode blogathon hosted by CoCode Community and WeMakeDevs.

  • Got accepted to Scrimba's Scholarship Program.

  • Started learning Linux seriously, so dual booted my pc to learn Linux.

  • Learned a lot about Linux this month such as different distros, environments, commands, etc.

  • Won a Build your own workstation lego set giveaway by DailyDev.

  • Got approached by DevRel of Showwcase for Mentorship program of Elite Writers on Showwcase.

  • Had my first coffee chat with Favor (DevRel of Showwcase)

  • Learned Notion properly, how to use it and to create some templates etc.

  • Created more articles on Hashnode and Showwcase.

  • Joined more tech communities.

April 2023

  • Got serious about Front-end Web development and started #100devs Bootcamp from Leon Noel's YouTube Channel.

  • My Hashnode T-shirts got delivered.

  • Started exploring DevOps in the last week of April.

  • Did many coffee chats this month starting with Chandraprakash, Priyankar, Akshay, Amaan, and Piyush.

Trust me, I learned a lot from all of you and will implement everything that I have learned from you folks.

And then Finally, I had my own session with Piyush on How to get started into Open Source as a beginner.


I never thought my life would change this much. I have made so many friends and so many people now know me. I am no longer the introvert who used to spend all day watching anime or movies without interacting with anyone.

Tech Twitter has changed my life, and although I know I still lack a lot of knowledge, I am learning. All of this has happened in just 4 months. Now, my main focus is to improve my skills and share my knowledge with everyone on my journey.

I don't know where this journey will take me as I am still exploring and learning every day, but one thing is certain: I am enjoying this journey, and that is what matters in the end.

Lastly, I want to thank everyone who has joined me on this journey and a special thanks to Kunal Kushwaha. Without him, I wouldn't have even joined Twitter.

1000 Followers โŒ

1000 Friends and Connections โœ…

Ending this blog with my favorite quote:

"I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.โ€ - Sir Albert Einstein.

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