Discover Great Projects this Hacktoberfest with Scoutflo

Discover Great Projects this Hacktoberfest with Scoutflo


Hacktoberfest 2023 began last week and it is the perfect time to start your journey in the world of Open Source.

Each year technology enthusiasts, developers, and great minds unite to celebrate the enchantment of open-source software during Hacktoberfest. However, for beginners, it's hard to find the projects where you can contribute during Hacktoberfest, but do not worry because Scoutflo has come up with a great solution! 👀

Scoutflo Atlas Hacktoberfest List

A single place to find all the projects you can contribute during Hacktoberfest.

Scoutflo came up with a great solution with their amazing product! list which is already getting so much love and support from all around the tech community in the world.

How to find projects with Scoutflo Atlas?

  • Now click on the Technology Stack and select the programming language with which you want to contribute.

  • Now you can see the projects with your preferred programming language.

  • Now you can save the project or open the project.

Happy Hacktoberfest! 🔥